Kristen Fandozzi – Quality AC Inc.

Kristen Fandozzi – Quality AC Inc.

Kristen Fandozzi – Quality AC Inc.

Learning all about the importance of a Smart Thermostat from Kristen Fandozzi with Quality A/C Services

Posted by Professional Connections Group on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This week’s presentation comes from Kristen with Quality AC Services. She educates us on the Smart Thermostat. The pros and cons, how they work, features, and cost. She begins with explaining a few fun features about a Smart Thermostat with how you can set the temperature and change it throughout the week remotely, the thermostat can learn from your behavior and preferences. Also your energy use and how the thermostat adjusts to things like humidity. According to Kristen, it is affordable and energy efficient, and if installed in your home it could increase its value. As long as you have WiFi you can adjust your temperature from anywhere with a Smart Thermostat. Kristen also gives tips on what you should know before buying.


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