Darcie Englert – American Home Team Realty

Darcie Englert – American Home Team Realty

Darcie Englert – American Home Team Realty

Darcie Englert of American Home Team Realty educates us about property management.

Posted by Professional Connections Group on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This week Darcie Englert with American Home Team Realty spoke to us about ownership when you’re a Property Manager and all of the things you must be aware of as an owner and manager.

Darcie explains how investors, a lot of the time, will think that the cheapest option is the best option. It’s not. When you buy cheap, everything is cheap. There will be issues that you will discover. A patchwork job is not the answer. As a Property Manager, it is best to be honest with your owners. Darcie gave examples of how the owner should be informed and what they should be concerned about when it comes to owning a property.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to let owners know of any potential hazards in the home. This can mean anything from attic access to pools. Take precaution on how to avoid liability and be smart.

At the end of her presentation, Darcie reads a poem about the day in the life of a Property Manager’s world. It gives a good insight on what a day is like for her and other property managers in a fun light.

Are you a property manager who’s having trouble where you are? Or are you in the wrong place? Darcie would love to talk and potentially bring you on to the team. Visit their website today!

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