Dominic Lucibello – Breakthrough Fitness

Dominic Lucibello – Breakthrough Fitness

Dominic Lucibello – Breakthrough Fitness

Dominic Lucibello with Breakthrough Fitness gives us the 4 Pillars of Fitness and how it can benefit you.

Posted by Professional Connections Group on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Meet our newest member of Professional Connections Group, Dominic Lucibello with Breakthrough Fitness!

Dominic has been in Oviedo since 2008, with a degree from Florida Atlantic University he jumped into the personal training industry and found he could not stand it, from there he opened his own business in 2010. Breakthrough Fitness has been teaching and training the “Top Fitness Trends of 2016” since they opened and he plans to share that with the world.

Dominic shared the foundation of his business with us and that being the “Four Pillars of Fitness” – support, consistency, effort, and the enjoyment of the process. Fitness should be a lifelong endeavor.

Pillar 1 – Support: Dominic expressed that in order to be serious about getting your results and seeing those changes happen, you need support. This has helped shape his vision for his facility. He explains why adults need support, life can get busy, and at Breakthrough you can find that support through coaches and fellow members. Everyone trains together at Breakthrough Fitness and the fitness enthusiasts usually find themselves leaving the facility because Dominic and his team mainly focus on those who are new to the fitness world and find ways to support them.

Pillar 2 РConsistency: If you want to look better? Eat right. Feel better? Positivity. Feel good physically? Movement. Move better? Repetition. Dominic and believes that you can achieve consistency through coaching, whether that be personal or group. He also keeps his consistency by providing education through weekly blogs and social media posts, keeping everyone in the conversation.

Pillar 3 – Effort: “Results aren’t guaranteed, they’re earned”. At Breakthrough Fitness there is no sugar coating anything. When you have a good facility the effort comes easier, too.

Pillar 4 – Enjoyment of the Process: The process is the payoff. There will be lows and highs but that what the process is about!

The four pillars are interdependent, when you put the four of these together you will last longer in the fitness game.

If you’re looking to start your fitness journey at a facility that focuses on these pillars, visit Breakthrough Fitness’ website today!

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