Kwixar – Jean Bruckert

Kwixar – Jean Bruckert

Kwixar – Jean Bruckert

Jean Bruckert from Kwixar educates us all about finding the right printer.

Posted by Professional Connections Group on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Jean Bruckert educated us this week about the importance of using promotional products for your business. Promotional products are useful; for example, a t-shirt is considered a promotional product and you will wear it, whether it’s to the gym or running errands. There is a unique power to promotional products, the recyclable grocery bags can hold a larger message so that more people can see it and you will get use out of that product. Jean tells us it is extremely important to have your website or phone number on anything you promote.

Every day we see and interact with ads, Kwixar can help you achieve your advertising goals! Kwixar is “Not your ordinary print shop”, visit their website today to find out more information!

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